• Become the Campfire Cook everyone is jealous of.

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Life is too short for burnt hotdogs

Have you ever burnt your food? Watched your hotdogs roll into the flames? Found your food was burnt on the outside and uncooked on the inside?

You were designed for more.

We feel your pain, we know what it feels like to watch your food roll off your grill into the flames

We are here to help you:

• ​Perfectly cook food over any fire.

• ​Cook things you never thought you could like pancakes and cookies.

•Cook perfect steak, bacon and vegetables every time.

• Stop dropping your food in the fire.

•Spend less time fighting with your fire and more time enjoying the campfire with your friends.

•Instantly control your cooking temperature.

We help you

What you need

Zalderan Campfire Grill

• ​Weighs only 1.2LB or 560grams
• ​Made from stainless steel 304.
• ​Designed to last a lifetime.
• ​Special 6mm lip to stop your food rolling off.
• ​355 degree access to your fire makes fire control even easier.
• ​Flare ups not a problem. simply lift up the grill and twist it away from the flames.
• ​Now you can cook gourmet over any fire.
• ​Sets up in seconds so you can get food in that grumbling stomach sooner.
• Instantly control the cooking temperature of your food.
• No more burnt bacon, charcoal chicken or scorched sausages.
• Patented design.

Mike TA Outdoors


"primo really lightweight fit in your backpack really easily you can just
light a fire and cook your food on the fire, can't beat that smokey taste."

Josh James The kiwi bushman

I have had camp grilles in the past that sit in the fire and they were always so hard to regulate the flame and use without making a mess. I can see this being a practical solution. Something I can carry with me full time on the road, that will allow me the nostalgia of cooking over the fire, without having a big clunky fire pit to lug around.

Phil Down2Mob Overland

I’ve been looking for a grill like this for years. So excited to get one in my hands!

Jason Mulligan